Records – Catch & Release

We also keep Junior C&R records, and Capture records.


Number of Records Held
Emiel Temmerman9
Adrian Lawn4
Daniel Temmerman4
Rob Allen4
Andrew Mosey3
Jacob Rauschenbach3
Nathan Scaife3
Neil Main2
Phil Greuter2
Allister Cox1
Brett Scaife1
Callum Rauschenbach1
Chris Pascoe1
Craig Everingham1
Hayden Lawn1
Howard Cook1
Jack Castles1
Jason Shields1
Reg Thompson1


Full Name
Tuna (Longtail)Emiel Temmerman962023-08-23Bait, Yamba
Tuna (Mackerel)Emiel Temmerman732023-08-23Bait, Yamba
BonitoDaniel Temmerman662023-06-23Bait
LeatherjacketBrett Scaife442023-06-23
CowanyoungDaniel Temmerman452023-05-23Bait
Mulloway (Jewfish)Rob Allen972023-04-23
PikeDaniel Temmerman412023-04-23Bait, Jervis Bay
Mahi Mahi (Dolphinfish)Jacob Rauschenbach792023-03-23
Tuna (Striped)Nathan Scaife592023-03-23
Golden Perch (Yellowbelly)Phil Greuter592023-02-23
Pearl PerchAdrian Lawn492023-02-23
SweepNeil Main372023-02-23
GarfishDaniel Temmerman272023-01-23
LuderickReg Thompson302023-01-23
Samson FishJacob Rauschenbach512023-01-23
Long TomJack Castles692023-01-22
Teraglin (Trag)Nathan Scaife572023-01-22
Sergeant BakerNathan Scaife532022-12-22
WhitingJacob Rauschenbach412022-12-22Bait
Silver PerchHoward Cook392022-11-22Bait, Glenbawn
Carp* (Catch and Kill)Jason Shields852022-11-21Bait, Glenbawn
Eels (Short & Long-finned)Andrew Mosey932022-10-22Bait, Hawkesbury
HairtailEmiel Temmerman1582022-09-22Bait, Hawkesbury
Trout (Rainbow)Phil Greuter442022-08-22
Murray CodRob Allen1012022-05-22Lure, Lake Mulwala
Maori CodAllister Cox392022-02-22Bait, Jimmy's Beach
Estuary PerchCallum Rauschenbach422022-01-22Lure
SnapperRob Allen752021-11-21Bait, Long Reef
Bream (Yellowfin)Hayden Lawn462021-03-21Bait
AmberjackNeil Main502021-02-21Bait, Jimmy's Beach
FlounderChris Pascoe382021-02-21Bait, Jimmy's Beach
Morwong (All)Emiel Temmerman512021-02-21Bait
Australian BassEmiel Temmerman452020-10-20Clarence Gorge
Eastern CodEmiel Temmerman612020-10-20Clarence Gorge
Mullet (Not Sea)Emiel Temmerman442020-10-20Clarence Gorge
Australian SalmonAdrian Lawn702020-09-20Bait, Kylies Beach
TailorRob Allen69.52020-09-20Bait, Kylies Beach
Flathead (Dusky)Craig Everingham852020-04-20Bait
Yellowtail KingfishEmiel Temmerman922020-02-20Bait
Catfish (Freshwater)Adrian Lawn542019-11-19Bait, Glenbawn
TrevalliesAdrian Lawn532019-11-19Lure
Flathead (Bluespotted)Andrew Mosey502019-10-19Lure
GurnardEmiel Temmerman402019-08-19Bait
Bonito (Watsons Leaping)Andrew Mosey382019-04-19Lure
Atlantic Salmon
Barr Cod (Banded Rock Cod)
Bass Grouper
Blue-eye Trevalla
Bream (Black)
Drummer (Black)
Drummer (Silver)
Flathead (Tiger)
Groper (Blue/Brown/Red)
Hapuku (Hapuka)
John Dory
Mackerel (Frigate)
Mackerel (Spanish)
Mackerel (Spotted)
Mangrove Jack
Marlin (Black)
Marlin (Blue)
Marlin (Striped)
Mullet (Sea)
Parrot Fish
Red Rock Cod
Redfin Perch
Sawtail Surgeon
Shortbill Spearfish
Trout (Brook)
Trout (Brown)
Tuna (Albacore)
Tuna (Bigeye)
Tuna (Southern Bluefin)
Tuna (Yellowfin)

Vacant Records