Records – Junior Catch & Release

Junior C&R Records are available to WBFC members who were under 17 years old at the time of C&R.


Number of Records Held
Daniel Temmerman17
Nathan Scaife5
Jack Castles4
Callum Rauschenbach3
Jacob Rauschenbach3
Charlie Joyce1
Christian Lane1
Matthew Mosey1
Sam Kingston1


Full Name
Australian BassDaniel Temmerman40Jan-24Tied Record
Eels (Short & Long-finned)Daniel Temmerman104Jan-24
Flathead (Dusky)Charlie Joyce77Jan-24
Long TomDaniel Temmerman70Jan-24Lure
LuderickDaniel Temmerman33Jan-24Bait
Morwong (All)Daniel Temmerman45Jan-24Bait
PikeJack Castles42Jan-24
SnapperNathan Scaife55Jan-24
WhitingChristian Lane42Jan-24
Yellowtail KingfishJack Castles79Jan-24
CobiaDaniel Temmerman75Dec-23
Redfin Perch* (Catch & Kill)Daniel Temmerman25Sep-23Lure, Lake Lyell
Trout (Rainbow)Daniel Temmerman62Sep-23Lure, Lake Lyell
BonitoDaniel Temmerman66Jun-23Bait
Cowan YoungDaniel Temmerman45May-23Bait
Australian SalmonDaniel Temmerman51Apr-23Bait, Jervis Bay
Mahi Mahi (Dolphinfish)Jacob Rauschenbach79Mar-23
TailorCallum Rauschenbach58Mar-23
Tuna (Striped)Nathan Scaife59Mar-23
Catfish (Freshwater)Daniel Temmerman49Jan-23Bait
SamsonfishJacob Rauschenbach51Jan-23
Teraglin (Trag)Nathan Scaife57Jan-23
Carp* (Catch and Kill)Daniel Temmerman49Jan-23Bait
Estuary PerchCallum Rauschenbach42Jan-23Lure
HairtailDaniel Temmerman155Dec-22Bait, Cowan
Mulloway / JewfishCallum Rauschenbach95Dec-22
Sergeant BakerNathan Scaife53Dec-22
TrevalliesJacob Rauschenbach44Sep-22Bait, Creek
FlounderSam Kingston37Feb-22Bait, Jimmy's
GarfishDaniel Temmerman27Jan-22
LeatherjacketJack Castles37Jan-22
Mullet (Not Sea)Jack Castles35Jan-22
AmberjackDaniel Temmerman48Feb-21Lure
Bream (Yellowfin)Daniel Temmerman44Jan-21
Australian BassMatthew Mosey40Nov-20Tied Record
Atlantic Salmon
Barr Cod (Banded Rock Cod)
Bass Grouper
Blue-eye Trevalla
Bonito (Watsons Leaping)
Bream (Black)
Drummer (Black)
Drummer (Silver)
Flathead (Bluespotted)
Flathead (Tiger)
Golden Perch (Yellowbelly)
Groper (Blue/Brown/Red)
Gurnard (Red)
Hapuku (Hapuka)
John Dory
Mackerel (Frigate)
Mackerel (Spanish)
Mackerel (Spotted)
Mangrove Jack
Maori Cod
Marlin (Black)
Marlin (Blue)
Marlin (Striped)
Morwong (All)Nathan Scaife45
Mullet (Sea)
Murray Cod
Parrot Fish
Pearl Perch
Red Rock Cod
Sawtail Surgeon
Shortbill Spearfish
Silver Perch
Trout (Brook)
Trout (Brown)
Tuna (Albacore)
Tuna (Bigeye)
Tuna (Longtail)
Tuna (Mackerel)
Tuna (Southern Bluefin)
Tuna (Yellowfin)

Vacant Records

Note: All Club C&R and Capture records must be legal sizes according to NSW DPI limits.  Species with slot limits still eligible for C&R if exceeding maximum size.